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Web Development

“Why do you want a website?”, should be the first question you ask yourself. The answer is not always clear, but once we have defined your why, let’s move into the what and the how!

Website Design

When you know the why and who your audience is – the design is quite simple. We design and develop for your audience – for desktop and mobile users, with clear call-to-actions to convert your web visitors into paying customers.

Support & Maintenance

Keeping your site up-to date is key to keep it attractive, safe and secure. Sign-on to a maintenance package for continuous support in keeping your site alive with regular updates.

Content Development

Keeping your content calendar filled and scheduled can be tough – you need to plan, create and be engaged. That’s where Studio Tisénius can come in with content creation and marketing support.

Social Media & Web

Algorithms, content calendars, scheduling… social media is a jungle. Do you really need to be on all of them? We can help you with everything from a good strategy foundation, to keeping your feed up-to date with regular posts. And of course website content, too.


Do you need help with simple product photography and retouch, or someone to make the memories of your event to be on file forever? Let’s shoot!

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